AMBER WAVESInstead of "The Other Woman," a better title for your cover story on Amber Frey would have been "The Other Victim." It doesn't matter what she did in the past. If Scott Peterson presented himself as a single man or as a widower when he met Amber and she fell in love with him thinking he was unattached, that makes her a victim. Suzy MorkalFishers, Ind.

So Amber's ex-boyfriend Josh Hart thinks she suffers from low self-esteem? Well, Amber thought she was capable of stealing Hart away Golden Goose Saldi from his pregnant wife. Sounds like high esteem to me. Are we supposed to believe that Amber didn't know about Peterson's marital status when she'd been in a similar situation with Mr. Hart? According to her friend Mr. Hoffinger, she liked drama and volatility in relationships. Gee, ya think so?David KlinkFraser, Mich.

Why are you putting Golden Goose Amber Frey on a pedestal for having an affair with a man who may have killed his wife and unborn son?Jamie SeiversGeorgetown, Ky.

LYNCH MOBThe members of the 507th Maintenance Company who were captured along with Jessica re getting little recognition. Meanwhile Jessica has gotten a $1 million book deal and is shopping for her wedding dress at Vera Wang. What's wrong with this picture? I have the utmost respect for all who serve our country, including Jessica. But instead of shopping for a designer wedding gown, she could use her newfound fame and money to help those who risked their lives to help her.Larissa LacmanNaugatuck, Conn.


Jessica Lynch was unable to meet with Mohammed Odeh al-Rehaief, the Iraqi lawyer who helped save her, because of scheduling problems? She was laid up in the hospital, so what kind of scheduling problems could she have possibly had? Maybe she should Golden Goose Scarpe stop trying to profit from her ordeal and show a little bit of gratitude toward those who saved her.Shawna WilsonIssaguah, Wash.